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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2013 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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certain she wants to be considered. >> so far we have 8 men if we considered who we've made a motion to support we voluntary two open seats one at large. why not moved with the at large and continue one at large and one richmond seat. so do you want to make sure that she continues to be interested. i assume that would be for any seat but we should make sure and give her an opportunity to speak to the projects committee because i didn't give her a head up >> so it sound like there's a motion to continue the second at large seat and can we reappoint jonathan goldberg for another
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two year term. out objection. thank you >> thank you very much mr. fong for making that as painless as possible and for all the people presenting. so ms. chang call the next item >> 8 recommend 8 members to the advisory committee this is an action item. >> so my understanding is that oh, wow. we have a lady here - commissioner yee. >> i think this discussion in wanting to appoint more females on here i was a little lost in our discussion. i heard john a female and wants to be reappointed why did we
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skip over her. i will make a motion for her >> she's a south asian rep and i can't remember did they communicate an interest. >> she sent on e-mail saying she was an attorney and her work required her to be in sacramento today. >> i recall that supervisor kim discussion to hold-off but do you want a motion. >> i want to have a female and here's one who's been on the committee and expressed that she wants to continue. i don't know her personally and john i don't have any objection so i would feel comfortable to
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nominate her. so i guess to reopen >> let me just think about procedurally so we'll resend the vote on the at large seat. yeah, and can we do that await objection. am i doing this - so colleagues, i move we resend the vote on the at large seat can we do that without objection. thank you. so commissioner kim wants to open but commissioner yee is moving that we support the lady for the second at large seat. can we do that without - >> can somebody speak to her since she's not here i assume that staff has some background on her comment to the c ac.
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>> i'm not qualified to give her biology but she's been at most of the meeting and she continues be to enthusiastic about the projects and brings the view of her particular neighborhood to the project as well and what neighborhood is that i saw generally pack heights. >> i think it's close to the fillmore area. i want to say she move forward recently so the location that's listed in her application is no longer her address but she moved still within proximity of the corridor so far as i know
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>> thank you. >> so we have a motion on the table from commissioner yee. sound like there's no other comments can we reappoint her for another term without objection colleagues. okay. thank you. thank you. ms. chang let's continue with the next item >> number 8 recommended appointment for the members of the advisory committee. a and >> i'm the project manager for the rapid transit study. this is a new study and the item begins on page 63 and the industry of the - it's on page 2. this is a now a study with a new c ac to be appointed and this l
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would be along geneva along the south western district and continuing on and >> the clerk will close the roll with service on 19th avenue. this is an 11 member committee based on the structure that the committee approved there are 7 san francisco seats and they cover several addict neighborhood. the structure is on page 2 of the memo. we received several applications after recruitment in august of this year. we held recruitment for 4 weeks and much like the gary rapid at that particular time transit we reached 8 wants in the area from addition to shelter adds in
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multiple languages across those several format and c acs of other projects including the balboa park c ac. as i mentioned there are 7 san francisco seats. we received 11 applications and there are month applicants for the exclusive park and other missions and at large seats. we do not receive applicants for the bay view point neighborhood and we'll be continuing recruitment. we expect recruitment to close at the end of this month and for anyone wanting to apply the applications are on line.
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of the applicants you can appoint up to 5 members to the seats based on the structure that's allocated in the residency of the different members. with that oh, as for the other 4 seats this year in the san mateo county and two in the city and they'll be appoint those seats themselves. from what i understand they've already appointed two members and daily city will forward the applicants to us on november 12th >> is that the transportation authority in san mateo county that does that. >> yes. >> and there are several members who would like to be heard. >> colleagues any questions?
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then let's open this up. >> good morning commissioners i'm erick. thank you for the opportunity to potentially represent the holiday area and the geneva advisory committee. as someone who's not only a native san franciscan but a analyst latino i i know how vitality transportation is for the citizens in our area. since i was a kid i took the bus to attend the school near the area and to participate in the football area. i took the bus to several activities and even though i have a car i have a lot of trouble with it and take the transit. most of the residents heavily rely open transit and access to
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any regional activities that are south of the county line. instead of taking cal train and other transit that are widely scattered this effort to explore the areas is greatly appreciated. community outreach methods and accommodations are all things i look forward to help out with. i have community communication skills and transit skills poirn to the part of san francisco. i was placed in the workforce development and working on a project concerning the city streamlininging systems.
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i have dozens of outreach projects concerning those effortsor i worked in the offices to manage tennessee is casework and complaints. i hope you see a good fit for me on this committee >> >> next speaker, please. >> >> good morning commissioners and voice impair and others. i'm jimmy have long been a resident of san francisco for 20 years out of the 19 years i spent in the 19th district. i have experience working on the public and private sector for large sfra infrastructure programs. i worked on an environmental
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expansion project. surgical i'm working with the wastewater program. i live in district 10 in the project site and i live in the same draith district as a project i'm working on. i'm also an advocate for bicycle i am a instructor and i teach bicycle safety. in terms of my public engrossment i was on the board of directors for the association for 3 years when i participated in the land use planning and also the transportation as i can imagine we have a lot of bike projects in the different
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projects i was involved. also as you can see my application i'm 35 percent project management with pmi >> you do it all. very good thank you >> i have not enough to do so i volunteer on the we understand. >> for what. >> the nonprofits east. my profiler objective is to bring stakeholders together and bring a consensus opinion looking at radius analysis and give my professional input. i'd appreciate being considered >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. i'm tom. i am interested in participating as a member from the x cellar
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district. i'm a analyst san franciscan. i currently live and own a home in the x cellar district. my family is sxhiftd of city workers and pd's police officers and department of public works. i'm odd school san franciscan. each of my parents gntd from a different country. and two were born in the united states shortly after their parents gntd. i have family on the latino side. i own a home and i'm also using public transportation everyday along geneva to the balboa bart station and a also in the
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earning commute. i am very fortunate to participate with the "x" excelsior action group on the board of supervisors and have long been doing that for several years. i have worked the transportation authority in the past and we look forward to doing the same in the future. i think by virtue of my participation not only on the board of advisory i'm chair of their business attraction committee we're trying to get now a businesses into the community especially along invention even if i'm able to provide some very significant and meaningful advise to the committee. we regularly hold meeting and partner with other groups in the
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community the associations the mission terrace association and the "x" excelsior district association and so as such i think i'm well positions to bring to this feasibility study, you know, a significant and broad spectrum of community opinion. so thank you very much and i'll look forward to working with each of you >> thank you, mr. cowen next speaker. >> anyone else who wants to speak seeing none, pubd. >> one other point i should have mentioned we've been asked to suspended one of the
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recruitments. >> okay. so for mr. occurring benefit and others we'd be considering that those x excelsior seats for a later date and commissioner cowen or for at least the by the way, view seat will be continued as well. >> correct. >> and commissioner cowen strongly suggests that two folks be appointed to those two seats in the exclusive park little hollywood sunny vail area. any comments. commissioner campos >> just a quick question.
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did we hear from all of those folks in terms of the two seats from exclusive park and little sunny vail and hollywood >> they're not all present currently but they'll have an opportunity to present themselves at the next meeting along with the other applicants. >> so i'm just looking at. >> but you've heard from today 3 candidates. and have we had any communication from rawls e russel >> no, he they were all notified they could be present but they were notified they would have another opportunity. maybe we should move one of the gentlemen and hold off on even
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though commissioner cowen wanted to move mr. marine >> yes. i just actually supervisor cowen met with mr. marine and strongly supports moving him to forward to serve in this capacity pr i want to make a few comments about this one gentleman in district 5. he's active and when he's commented he's comment. i appreciate all the work and i think he's an excellent choice but i'm looking forward to see what comes of this particular project. and i also wanted to make a comment been mr. - who he was impress with in terms of the
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streamlining but i want to show reporter to the current supervisor who is supportive of her two choices and i think we should respect here wishes and move them forward >> thank you, mr. chairman and i agree with commissioner breed. i think we do want to be differential to the district specify. i hope there's a way that this gentleman can be involved. i think he made an impressive prevention and i urge, you know, my colleagues if there's my way someone with his interests and talent can be involved i think that we would all benefit from that. i think as a general rule i do think and i tried to among this point with, you know, my
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appointments as much as we want to deter to the district supervisor it's always a good thing for the applicant to come and speak i think you want to do that but nike understand it couldn't happen. i mean iowa can i say it's impressive. so my pleasure to support the motion by commissioner breed >> yes. >> in response to our point any of the applicant can be considered for the at large seat but any of the applicant that are not chosen you can choice to appoint it seat today or in the
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next round of recruitments. >> so it's the moisture and the disabled and the - that's the qualifications. >> can i add something. i know we're also deferring from to commissioner avalos on two seats for the "x" excelsior outer mission >> 3. >> is it 3. >> 2. >> two seats. i was impressed by mr. occurring bin and am sure he's reached out to commissioner avalos but he made a good case. thank you. >> thank you my understanding is that there's 2 seats for corrector outer mission and so mined is avalos is moving that
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we not - >> yep. >> not make a decision on those 3 seats correct. >> correct. >> so we have a motion that we move two gentlemen to this c ac. can we do that await objection. thank you. ms. chang all item 9 >> presentation on feasibility of light rail seating reconfigurati reconfiguration. >> i have to go - >> and colleagues there's a prevention here as well on the mta seat reconfiguration for the light rail.
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let me ask ms. lombardy how long will this be we have another important meeting coming up. >> good morning lee deputy director the presentation from the municipal transportation authority is fairly brief only on the order of perhaps 10 minutes but, you know, depending upon any questions that the committee might have. >> mr. chairman i'm sitting in just for this item and i know that commissioner kim has to leave and we want to make sure we still have quorum. >> great. >> even though i'm not on the
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committee i'm sitting for commissioner yee. >> yeah, she, leave and thank you very much. if you can continue >> okay. on july 23rd at the meeting commissioner breed requested a hearing so consider suggestions. >> and commissioner wiener as well. the - and the idea to increase capacity for our light rail vehicles. i'm going to show a few slides that defect the idea that was suggested and that will be followed - >> mr. sag good can i let my
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colleagues make some opening comments. >> thank you a lot going on. so we're just getting settled. but i'll be brief this is important. first off thank you to my co-sponsor commissioner weaning and my staff as well as the mta director john >> i'm also looking for supportive ways to improve muni service and i'm, of course, concerned about the looifr line that carries over 40 thousand passengers over the week and has the second busiest l r v in the district. as according tomato mat own data
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is consistently returning over capacity picture i've seen first hand the rider tt e continuously frustrated by their ability to take the trains. the situation is severe enough to look at creative ways. i know we have several trains we anticipate to arrive in the next couple of years but this is more of an immediate situation that hopefully can help with the problem. your train carry 1 hundred and plus seats. based on the analysis from my and my commissioners staff we believe that by reconfiguring
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those seats we can allow more - >> commissioner breed after our done we'll continue with the attorneys feedback. >> when the two train car stops 60 more people will be more inclined to ride muni and not use their vehicles. if you're one of the 16 people i'm sure you'll be happy. he will even though our calculations are wrong it will still help to mitigate the passengers and to help with the situation speaker i look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope we can implement 0 portion of those changes in our l r v
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program >> your rules of order provides that in the absence of a qualm no official action can be taken so we have to recess, reschedule or yearn. >> we're going to recess for a couple of minutes until the next commissioner comes in and hopefully, we'll recess for 5 minutes and a hopefully, i'll be appointed to sit for this item. >> let's recess for 5 minutes and maybe - yeah. >> are you back apparentlyly. yeah, so our recess is concluded and thank you for your comments and now commissioner weaning for his opening comments >> thank you. i want to thank
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commissioner yee i thought we'd get a break but no. and i want to thank supervisor breed it's been great to have our two offices to work on one of the nuts and bolts quality of life for our city. i would have loved to have long been one of the 16 people to get on the train during rush hour and car after cargoes by and we don't have enough l r vs and they're basically designed to minimize standing room. our light rail system is an absolutely essentially part of the muni i see fleet and essential to having


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